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I must talk about myself … but what can I say?

You know that I’m a writer. But I don’t sell words for a living. It is, rather, like this … I live, and so I write. I think, feel and want to share, and so too I write. I write about the people I see and have known, either in this world that we all share or in the world that is mine alone or mind alone – however you want to look at it.

I write about life as it is, as it unravels, and as it could be. My stories are about people like Saraswati – my first heroine. My first heroine, for more reasons than that she happens to be the protagonist of my first novel, and about Kannan – the hero of my second novel, and a metaphor for Maanavi, a ghost village once, and now a village that has fallen off the map. I write too about figures from mythology like the nameless yaksha who once lived in Kalidasa’s classic, and about Bhima and Hidimba and their irresistably adorable son, Ghatotkacha. And about Jayant, the naughtiest boy in the class, absent-minded Saloni and Lizzie the lizard who changed her name to Lavender.

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