Tribal Education Initiative: 

Field notes on zonal consultation meets and interactions with people in their villages

I drafted the field notes presented here as part of a larger study conducted by NIAS, Bangalore, to bring out a perspective paper on issues pertaining to the education of the tribal peoples of India. As part of the study, zone-wise consultations were held, and an all-India meet was also arranged prior to the zone-wise field visits. The field notes here pertain only to those consultation meets that I was part of.

In March 2012, NIAS submitted a final report of its study to UNICEF. The report was titled ‘The Education Question: From the Perspective of Adivasis: Conditions, Policies and Structures.’ When presenting an overall perspective, the diversity that forms part of the field-level findings is often lost.  This is a major shortcoming of reports that provide inputs for macro-level policy making. As a consequence, policies fail to provide for differences on the field.

As grassroots workers and actors whose inputs go into the making of these reports are aware, the number of so called ‘universals’ is itself multiple in diversity; as for the defining qualities or ‘differentials’, they are infinite and inestimable.

By making the field notes freely available through this forum, I hope to make amends for invisibilising the voices of the actors in the report, in the making of which I was part.

For notes from the field, click on links below:

South India

West India

East India


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